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Finland: EDGE Magazine

April 2017 - "Tour de la Vanoise" by Jyrki Lehto

This 4 page article published in the Finish ski dedicated magazine Edge is about ski touring  on the Tour de la Vanoise itineray. It has been written by Jyrki Lehto who came in february 2016 with two other Finish journalists in Savoie Mont Blanc.


Canada: zoneski.com

November 2016:"La Haute-Savoie en 8 jours" by James Michaud

2 articles published on the Quebec website zoneski.com following the stay of James Michaud in Savoie Mont Blanc in February 2016. He has skied on the domains of Portes du Soleil, Espace Mont Blanc, Espace Diamant and Aravis.


Germany: Meiningers Weinwelt

January 2017 -"Das ist doch der Gipfel  " by  André Dominé

A 6 pages article dealing with the wines and vineyards of Savoie issued in a german magazine dedicated to wine. In partnership with the CIVS (Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Savoie), Savoie Mont Blanc organised the press trip of Mr André Dominé who came from the 11th to the 14th of October 2016.


Sweden: Gods&Gastar

"Savojen" by Evelyn Pesikan

This is the second article written by Mrs Evelyn Pesikan (and M. Pär Olsson, photographer) following their stay in Savoie Mont Blanc from 28th January to 1er February 2016.

This 4 pages article has been published in the swedish magazine Gods&Gastar which is dedicated to history and beautiful residences.


Sweden: Lantliv

January 2017 -"Sjöarnas Rike" by Evelyn Pesikan

This 5 pages article has been published in the swedish magazine Lantliv following the press trip organized, from 28th January to 1st February 2016, in partnership with the tourist offices of Annecy and Chambéry.

Mrs Evelyn Pesikan, journalist, and M. Pär Olsson, photographer, were welcomed in Savoie Mont Blanc in winter to discover places linked to the Maison de Savoie as well as the art of living, local gastronomy and charming accommodation.

Lantliv is a women's magazine lifestyle "country life": https://www.facebook.com/Lantliv/


Italy: Plein air

May 2016 - "Picolo regno antico » by Emilio Dati 

This 8 pages article published in the italian magazine Plein Air was written following the journalist's stay in Savoie Mont Blanc.

Emilio Dati discribes an itinerary from Annecy to the banks ot the Bourget Lake crossing the town of Chambéry et the Maurienne Valley.

Circulation : 70 000 ex/month


Italy: Passegigiate in battello

September 2016 - "Passeggiate in Battello" by Franco Voglino and Annalisa Porporato

A guide dedicated to boat trips along the lakes of Switzerland, Italy and France.

Welcomed in 2015, the journalists have discovered many itineraries near the 3 great lakes of Savoie Mont Blanc. In their guide 35 pages (out of 150) describded the lakes of Savoie Mont Blanc.


Italy : Familygo

June 2016 - "Maurienne-Savoie: sui luoghi di Belle e Sébastien, rivivere scenari da film" by Franco Voglino e Annalisa Porporato.

Article published on Familygo.eu, website presenting reports for families with children aged 0 to 14 wishing to travel.

 The site has 100,000 monthly visits and relay informations on social networks and newsletter.

 Franco Voglino and Annalisa Porporato have written this article dedicated to Haute Maurienne after being hosted in Savoie Mont Blanc during the summer 2015.


Italy : Vita in camper

November 2015 - "Annecy : charme tra laghi, neve e montagne" by Franco Voglino and Annalisa Porporato

8 pages article written following the press trip of Franco Voglino and Annalisa Porporato in Savoie Mont Blanc in March 2015.
The program included the discovery of Annecy and the surrounding mountains, Bauges and Aravis.

After their stay in Savoie Mont Blanc, these journalists wrote several articles and participe in the drafting of a hiking guide in Savoie Mont Blanc to come out in 2017.


Italy : Vita in Camper

January - February 2016 - « Annecy, charme tra laghi , neve e montagne », by Annalisa Porporato and Franco Voglino

An 8 pages article to present Annecy, the town , the lake and the surrounding mountains of the Bauges and of the Aravis. Annalisa Porporato e Franco Voglino wrote many articles in different magazines and newspapers after the press trips organized for them in Savoie Mont Banc in 2015.   


Italy : Vita in camper

November - december 2015 - "Al cospetto del Gigante Bianco : Chamonix e dintorni" by Franco Voglino and Annalisa Porporato

Article published in the Italian magazine "Vita in Camper" of November-December 2015 following the reception of Annalisa Porporato and Franco Voglino who came in Savoie Mont Blanc with their little daughter Nora in August 2013. The program was organized around the Mont Blanc and offered many activities and walks accessible to families with young children. After their stay in Savoie Mont Blanc, these journalists wrote several articles and published a presentation of the little Montenvers train and TMB in the guide "Camminare con il treno" ("Walking with the train" - ed 2014)


Italy :Il Giornale

"Settembre in bianco tra tecnologia, vette meraviglie" by Paola Calvi et Roberto Piccolo

These articles were published in September 2015 in the Italian daily 'Il Giornale' in the paper version and included in full on the website. The journalists,  Roberto Piccolo and Paola Calvi, were hosted in Savoie Mont Blanc in August 2014 and plan to publish more articles in 2016


Spain : Lonely Planet - october 2015

"La vuelta al Mont Blanc en 5 quesos", by Kris Ubach and Ricardo de la Riva

Report realised by 2 spanish journalists, Christina Ubach and Ricardo de la Riva, who stayed in Savoie Mont Blanc from 23rd to 27th March 2015

Lonely Planet Magazine is monthly published (33 500 ex.).


Swiss and Germany : Leven in Frankrijk

March 2015 – "Evian bien Belle époque", by Danielle Wiersema



In collaboration with the tour operator Travelfactory

An ukrainian television was in Savoie Mont Blanc during La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc 2015. The programs have been broadcasted from early February to middle of March.

Download :


Italy and Switzerland : Auto&Lifestyle

"Megève, La Perla dell'Alta Savoia" by Ludwig Grasso

10 pages about Megève - 10 500 ex



December 2014 - "Schnitt machen" by Georges Desrues

70 000 ex.


Italy : Dove

February 2014 - "Chamonix" by Gioia Bertazzoni

Issued in February 2015. Good tips in Chamonix proposed by the journalist Gioia Bertazzoni. An eight pages article issued in the Italian magazine DOVE.


Italy : Dove

February 2015 - "Val Thorens" by Carmen Rolle

The Italian magazine DOVE specialized in Tourism presents the Val Thorens ski resort. A very nice article of 14 pages written by the journalist, Carmen Rolle and the photographer Marisa Montibeller.


Italy : Camminare

October and November 2014 - "Chartreuse" by Franco Voglino

Walking on the Chartreuse tour between Savoie and Isère


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